Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Elderly Challenge

My observations on the elderly

Observation 1: They are not aware of the dangers of crossing the road.Some of them just jay-walk and do not bother about the overhead bridges as it is a difficult task for them to climb it.Although there are traffic lights,some of the elderly are too lazy to walk to it and this could be dangerous if they just jay-walk.

Observation 2: As the people get older,their movement gets slower and they complain they experience more pains in their joints than before.They therefore need to use walking aids which will actually cause more problems to some of the elderly.

Observation 3: Their memory gets weaker the older they are and tend to forget things fast.I have witnessed it before and I think it is sad as you have to keep asking people about anything you forget and that sometimes irritates impatient people.

Observation 4: Their vision becomes very poor and they may develop cataracts at this stage.The elderly have to squint to watch the television.

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